Mass Incarceration in Texas Outline

My first two data visualizations will provide information regarding the counties of Texas and how they ascend in order of high to low based on incarceration rates within Texas counties. I will emphasize that Harris county is the highest rated county in Texas, and I will discuss the crime description within Harris County, including the racial disparities (of Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks) that contribute to these crime descriptions of Harris county. I will compare the size of Harris county to the size of the remaining counties of Texas to show the significance of Harris County being the highest rated county for incarceration. The questions that I will answer with this data set/visualization will be

  1. which county has the largest incarceration rate in Texas?
  2. what are the racial disparities that occur within this county?
  3. is this the largest county in Texas?

Furthermore, my data will analyze the racial disparities among Texas counties and will compare the average rate of incarceration per racial group. My data will show that African Americans make up majority of the incarceration rates within Texas counties, doubling the amount of incarceration rates for Whites. Hispanics are the number two ethnic group that contribute to the racial disparities that prevail the Texas counties, among Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. I will also discuss the gender disparities that exists per county and how those differences compare to the overall problem of mass incarceration in Texas. This set of data will answer the following:

  1. what are the rates per ethnic group for incarcerated individuals?
  2. how do these groups compare?
  3. what is the largest incarcerated ethnic group in all of Texas?

Then I will showcase crime rates per county, comparing the northern counties to the southern counties. I will discuss the demographics, population size, and the crime description per county. My data will show that there are counties within Texas that are hosts to a large population of Blacks; these counties experience higher crime rates than other counties within the same hemisphere of Texas. Southern counties that experience higher crime rates have a larger African American/Hispanic demographic, versus the northern counties of Texas that have a predominately White demographic. The northern counties experience less crime rates due to the population size, demographic, and geographical location. The southern counties have larger population sizes, thus creating higher crime rates in the federal labeled crimes. This data set will further explain the racial disparities among incarcerated individuals and will also continue to present that African Americans are the leading racial group in mass incarceration within Texas. This will answer:

  1. how the racial disparities are affected per region throughout Texas?
  2. what is the significance of this regional split?
  3. geographically, how do demographics play into the problem of mass incarceration within Texas?

This is the order of my four sets of data visualizations; this will create a nice flow from small scale discussion to the whole picture of mass incarceration in Texas.


Written by: Somya Gupta

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