Crime in Texas’ Four Major Cities

Texas holds 4 of the top 11 populated cities in America, and with high populations comes high crime rates.

Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are the 4 largest cities in the state of Texas respectively, and all hold significantly high crime rates. Each city holds almost over 1 million inhabitants each, and Houston being the biggest is populated by over 2 million. I believe the reason for these high crime rates has to do with the income rates in each city.

In this blog, I will be comparing and contrasting crime rates to the income of household to see if there is any correlation between high or low income and higher or lower crime rates in each major city.

Per Capita Income by County in Texas


You can see in the maps below how the income and population surrounding these four major cities is the highest in the state. The map on the right displays the per capita income by county, and you can see that where these cities are located seems to be the highest income. Same goes for the map on the right; that map displays the last census done in the United States in 2010. Although several years have passed, the information remains the same, just with slightly larger numbers.

The regions with the highest populations are also the regions with the highest incomes. I will be doing more research on crime rates in these cities to see if higher income and correlate with the rate of crimes.

Written by Brenda Tamez

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