Human Trafficking Outline

My submission will attempt to use data (criminal justice records, other administrative records) to identify various factors contributing to the rise of human trafficking.

Questions include:

What ethnicity has the highest rate of victims?

What parts of the country and portions of TX have the highest rates of victims?

Are children at a greater risk then adults?

What role do women play behind the scenes?

I am going to do a comparison of multiple factors using 8 data visualizations. This includes: Average Arrests By Gender, Comparison of Gender & Adults Vs. Minors, Regions of the country with the highest rates, Ethnicity with the highest rates, Number of Prevention agencies etc.

I will show growing trends, relationships, comparisons and other features so readers are able to determine what influences human trafficking… and why Texas’s numbers are significantly higher than other states.

Written By: Savannah Martens

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